Our Claims department has 15+ years experience helping our clients through complex claims situations. Claim scenarios can be a stressful time for insureds. Our claims staff is committed to helping our clients get claims paid as soon as possible and making sure the amounts paid are appropriate. We all pray we don’t have to use our insurance but when we do it provides great piece of mind knowing your broker will help negotiate with the carrier on your behalf.

Loss Control

Safety and Loss Control can greatly impact a company’s bottom line in a positive or negative way. Shannon, Banks & Smith knows there is a direct correlation between a company’s loss experience and their bottom line. The fewer claims a company incurs the more they save with lower employee lost time and insurance premiums. We work directly with our carriers and clients to make sure customers needing special attention to this aspect of their business will receive loss control services to help reduce cost of claims. It is best to have a conversation with your broker to decide what your company’s needs are but a few services provided include:

  • Operational Risk and Hazard Assessments
  • Detailed analysis of historical insurance loss data
  • Customized Safety Program Development
  • Safety Training Session Material for Managers/Supervisors
  • Claims Management Strategies/ Transitional Duty Return to Work Programs
  • Contract Review in developing preferred risk transfer language